Designer LED scaffolding. Quality lighting that is structural and modular. Build with light that is waterproof, easy to install and reusable.

led scaffolding

Lichtbouw is compatible with standard tubeclamps and scaffolding. This makes the system easy and quick in usage as well as reusable.


The system is ip-57, which ensures it survives any weather conditions. With the exception of extreme floods.

Hufterproof Dutch design

Lichtbouw is a modern solution for many markets and is designed to be able to take a hit. Originally it was designed by the Dutch Designer Bert Maas for Drone races and festivals.

Efficient & Dimmable

The system is very efficient because of its 24v LEDs. It is also dimmable to ensure that the perfect result is achieved.


Lumus instruments has already used lichtbouw during their show at Glow 2018. The DJ table was built from a special version of Lichtbouw that is RGB adressable and can be used as showlighting.

launch Partners

Lichtbouw Sales will launch soon with the help of these partners. We are always looking to work with interesting partners so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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